A Letter of Support

June 21, 2016

Letter of Support for Jim Hovland for Mayor of Edina

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of support for Jim Hovland for Mayor of Edina. I have known Jim for many years personally and professionally and admire the work he has done for the City of Edina.

As a retired superintendent of Edina and a resident for 45 years I have witnessed the strong support Jim has for the education of our students. Edina has always prided itself on the strong and positive relationships between the City and the School District. The partnership has been strong over the years and has even increased under Jim’s leadership and outreach. He is highly visible in the School District and attends and speaks at many events of our schools.

Jim helps build partnerships with the District in the use of facilities and fields that save construction costs and taxpayer dollars and understands that the strong interconnectedness of both entities benefits taxpayers, parents, students and staff.

His warm and welcoming style has made him a friend of students, staff and parents as he connects with our school community.

A strong and healthy Edina community matched with an excellent school system is why the parents I met in Edina and now my own grandchildren attend Edina Public Schools. This doesn’t happen by chance. It happens because of strong civic leadership and visionary leadership exemplified in Mayor Jim Hovland.

I encourage you to support Jim as he seeks to continue to lead our wonderful community.

Dr. Ken Dragseth
Retired Superintendent, Edina Public Schools
Edina Resident